Meet the CEO of the CrownLUV. CrownLuv is a lifestyle brand promoting healthy hair among women of color. We don’t just sell products. We are an information hub and community to provide support and knowledge on natural hair to simply your hair routine.

As mother, wife, entrepreneur, daughter, I wasn't prioritizing my hair. I dreaded wash days. Overwhelmed every time I stepped foot in the natural haircare aisle at the store.  I just started to feel this love-hate relationship with my curls, regretting going natural and quitting my relaxer addiction. It was a struggle to love my curls. In 2020, while the world was falling apart I decided maybe it was time to start loving every strand growing out of my head. CrownLUV was born out of the need to cut through the noise and focus on truly loving my hair, especially the health and the length or color or texture. I shifted the focus to the health, versatility and deep history rooted in our black hair. So, let's celebrate melanin beauty and loving our hair no matter how it grows.

My Family!


CrownLUV uses hair accessories and styling tools to improve hair health while being functional and stylish.