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15 Ways to Support Black Businesses ALL Year Round!

Black History Month is about celebrating the triumphs and the impact Black people have had on this country and globally. A-lot of our contributions came from black inventors and innovators creating small businesses. Local businesses are the fabric of this country and the evidence of the American dream. When you support small businesses, you are fostering a thriving economy and community.

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What does support look like? 

Here are 15 Ways to Support Black Businesses ALL year round:

1. Share Post On Social MediaUse your platforms to repost your favorite brands content, increasing their exposure. 

2. Write a Website Review. 💻 Now more than ever, a review about customer service or a life-improving product can make a huge difference. A 5-star ⭐️ review can add social proof to a business which is the best referral. 

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3. Offer a Testimonial Video 🎥 the company can use in their marketing materials, website or social media platforms. 

4. Offer Mentorship And/Or Resources. Whether you provide mentoring, consulting or business resources you have learned along the way, this can add so much value to our community as a whole.

5. Buy Black! ✊🏾 Put money where your mouth is! Buy from black businesses for gifts options and for products that can be used personally on a daily basis.

6. 📣Tell family/friends about a small business you love. Word of Mouth is still the best marketing tool & your family members and friends trust your options on most things!

7. Comment online 📲 with Black owned Businesses when others ask for recommendations or opinions on products & services. 

8. Invite those businesses to community events and other local vendor events in their area of operation. 💌

9. Make introductions This is truly the foundation of networking. One way to help expand a business owners’ network is to bring them into your own circle of friends and colleagues. Introduce them to other women business owners in the community.

10. Write a positive Yelp & Google review. These sites are visited for product confirmation more than any other place. ✍🏾

11. Sign-up for newsletters.📧This shows a true interest in the brand & keeps you informed on any virtual events or special promotions the business may have. 

12. Shop locally and online. 🛍 Visit those brick & mortars but remember many of your favorite brands have a large online presence.

13. Attend in person or virtual events. Showing up is really all that matters. Seeing a familiar face at an event shows the ultimate support. 

14. Send business owners inspirational quotes 💕, word of encouragement or just a business tip you may have stumbled upon. Running a business is no joke!!! Managing your Mental Health🧘🏾‍♀️ & encouragement is so important. That one message may be the words needed to get that entrepreneur out of a rut.

15. ✅ Check-in. Make sure to check in and ask how these business owners are doing. Do they need you to pick up food? Should you have a standing vent date ? No better way to support small businesses than verbally checking in.

Let's Join Together &

Support Black-Owned Businesses!

How do you Support Black Businesses?
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