10 Reasons Why You Should LUV Your Natural Hair!


We are CrownLUV so of course we have to share why you should be loving your crown. Loving your hair is loving yourself. The good, bad, ugly, & kinky parts. Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should LUV Your CROWN!

    1. It's YOU. Unique to ONLY YOU. It grows out of your body and is made specifically for YOU.
    2. It's Shrinkage. At first I hated shrinkage and now I realize that its the best magic trick I can do. Most people see the curly fro and don't acknowledge that our hair is long until our hair is pulled and inches appear. Shrinkage is deceptive yet satisfying.
    3. It's Different. Natural hair goes against social & media norms. It challenges the Eurocentric way of thinking and imagery that we are constantly bombarded with. "What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it's not. And a lot of the time, its what makes you great." Emma Stoneg
    4. It's Versatile. The possibilities are endless!! Natural hair can be done up in so many different hairstyles and protective styles. Women of color can have different hair textures and curl patterns which can change their results. Hairstyles protective styles versatility in styles twistout flexi rods wash n go
    5. It's Healthier. Natural Hair encourages healthy choices. Most curly hair products use natural ingredients and safer styling tools that increases hair growth. Relaxers and other chemical treatments can contain harsh chemicals that will break down the structure of your hair strands and burn your scalp. Embracing your curly hair also encourages less heat being used. 
    6. It Inspires Others. When I was younger, I hated my curly hair and avoided wearing it in its natural state. Now, I realize that sharing my experiences, my big chop and my daily curly hair routine, it encourages others to embrace their crown.
    7. Water isn't Scary Anymore. I used to avoid pool time and rain like the plague. Now I can dance and sing in the rain and the world won't end. I embrace the added moisture! Although humidity can still be problematic, I'm now able to enjoy life a-little more.
    8. It Embraces History. Natural hair connects us to our roots and keeps our heritage and culture alive. Your hair is a crown of royalty that reflects our rich ancestry, talents and gifts as a people. 
    9. Make #Curlygirl Friends. Rocking my hair allows me to connect with other natural hair women. We genuinely connect because of common interest specifically our mutual choice to be natural. We can celebrate each others natural beauty and encourage each other when we don't see it ourselves. 
    10.  It's a Lifestyle not a Trend. Natural hair is way more than just products and different hairstyles it’s our lifestyle. It influences all aspects of your life and starts to change your decision making.  I started looking at the ingredients in my haircare products, skincare products and the food I was consuming. I started caring about the companies that I buy from and what they stand for. CrownLUV is all about celebrating your natural hair truly loving your crown. It's apart of YOU.

Why do you LUV your CROWN? Comment Below and let us know!



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