CrownLUV focuses on melanin beauty and healthy natural hair. This is our story, our purpose. What we stand for.


We design products with your time, hair health and

wallet in mind.


  1. Celebrate & Honor Melanin Beauty CrownLUV not only understands the connection between hair and identity but the complicated love-hate relationship with women of color and their hair. Dating back to colonial days and beyond, hair impacted race relations, economic status, employment opportunities and more. Our hair brand creates a safe space not just for the Black community, but all cultures, to feel accepted and celebrated for the things that make them unique!
  2. Create Simplified Haircare Solutions. Statistics support that women of color are consistently looking for the next best product spending a whopping $1.1 billion on beauty annually (not including weaves, extensions, independent beauty supply stores, e-commerce, or styling tools and appliances). The downside is time and money is wasted experimenting. Being bombarded with the ‘new and improved' daily can be confusing. Now you have us! A network of women that know exactly what you’re going through. CrownLuv strives to eliminate the confusion and provide real life hair solutions for my melanin queens.