Why Do I Need a Satin Bonnet & a Satin Pillowcase?

So many people ask why do I need to buy both a satin bonnet and satin pillowcase?

Satin bonnets and pillowcases serve similar purposes but also offer separate benefits. Let's dive right in. Cotton pillowcases create friction and dries the hair out causing breakage & single strand knots. Cotton fabric isn't soft to the touch and doesn't have cooling properties built in.

Satin bonnets and pillowcases protect the hair from tangling, matting, knotting and breakage. How? CrownLUV's 100% high quality satin products retains moisture while trapping our natural oils in each hair follicle. 

One distinct difference is the pillowcase focuses on skin health as well. Satin is gentler, softer on sensitive skin and skin prone to breakouts. It also reduces facial folds and wrinkles while retaining moisture in the skin. Lastly, using a satin pillowcase will preserve the skincare products used in your bedtime routine. We want to make sure the products have time to penetrate the skin layers and we don't want to waste our coins wasting products. Using a satin pillowcase will gave you better results in your overall skin regimen. 

Satin bonnets primary purpose is to preserve our hairstyles. They reduce frizz, keeping the hair shiny and looking fresh. The CrownLUV XL bonnet includes a soft elastic band that secures your edges, one the most delicate areas on your scalp. Now, you can go to sleep without a bonnet and just use the pillowcase. Consequently, there is no guarantee that that hairstyle lasted to the following morning. A bonnet keeps the hair moisturized, the hairstyle intact and the baby hairs slayed and laid. 

You NEED both! By using a satin bonnet and pillowcase, you are ensuring the best outcome when it comes to your natural hair and skin.

Your hairstyles will last longer saving you time, money and arm strength.
Your hair will be healthier causing it to grow.
Your confidence will increase causing all areas in your life to improve !!!!


Our CrownLUV products are 100 % Vegan & Cruelty Free, High Quality Satin.
We strive to create functional and stylish hair tools to simplify women’s natural hair journey. 
Now, we want to know. . . .
Do you use both, neither or just one? 
Share your thoughts below queens! 

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