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The Crown ACT: Why it's a Game-Changer for YOU!

Did you know. . . . .

  • 80% of Black Women agree with this statement: "I have to change my hair from its natural state to fit in at the office"
  • 37% of Black Women feel comfortable wearing an afro or locs to a professional event.
  • 1 in 5 Black Women feel social pressure to straighten their hair for work.
  • 100% of Black elementary school girls in majority-white schools who report experiencing hair discrimination state they experience the discrimination by the age of 10.

the crown act is a legislative act that ends discrimination of natural hairstyles in work settings,  media etc.

Since the beginning of time natural textures and hairstyles have been deemed "unkempt" and "unprofessional" in many public spaces. Kinky, curly, locs, braids have been discriminated against and policed in classrooms, corporate settings, television, sports for decades. I have personally encountered uncomfortable moments with my supervisors when comments were made about my "big hair". Let's get real. Has someone of another race invaded your personal space and touched your hair? Too many times to count. People of color are discriminated against so blatantly for our names, skin tones, backgrounds and even hairstyle selections. This issues is finally being addressed through legislation affecting many cities and states across America.

INTRODUCING. . . .  . 

CROWN Act of 2021

Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair

This bill, passed 3/22/2022 by the Federal Senate, prohibits discrimination based on a person's hair texture or hairstyle if that style or texture is commonly associated with a particular race or national origin. Specifically, the bill prohibits this type of discrimination against those participating in federally assisted programs, housing programs, public accommodations, and employment.

Persons shall not be deprived of equal rights under the law and shall not be subjected to prohibited practices based on their hair texture or style.

Although this is progress and it was send into law by the President; now it must pass on a state level. Only 14 states have made this law. Check out ways that you can help the cause & keep this movement going!


  1. Join The CROWN Coalition: The CROWN Coalition consists of like minded partners and non-governmental organizations that seek to end hair bias and discrimination in the United States. Interested in joining the coalition, you can find more information on The CROWN Act's website.

  2. Sign a petition: The CROWN Coalition has created a petition to help end hair discrimination in the workplace and schools. You can sign here

  3. Introduce The CROWN Act To Your State: If you want to introduce The CROWN Act to your state legislators, visit The CROWN ACT Website for examples on how to draft your legislative language & partner with the Crown Coalition for assistance.

14 Down, 36 To Go

Eurocentric imagery has bombarded our television screens and magazine covers for far too long. CrownLUV is focused on melanin representation and making natural hairstyles the norm in society. The Crown Act is another key to advancement for people of color. 
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statistics provided by: C.R.O.W.N Research Study (2019). Conducted by JOY Collective. Study conducted in the U.S. among 2000 (1000 Black and 1000 White) Women, Age 25 - 64. All data tested at 95% confidence level.
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